Air shower

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Environs filter make air shower self contained factory assembled system with SS/PPGI MOC. Specially designed to deliver sterile air to the person enters in the sterile zone from outside.

The air shower close chamber contains two no. of doors with electronic interlocking device operated by PLC.

When the person enters from entry door both the doors are get locked for few seconds to provide the person air showering from the no. of nozzles. 20 meter/second air velocity by nozzles makes the person clean in every aspects to get entered.

Application :

  • Bio technology

  • electronics industry

  • space research centers

  • pharmaceuticals

  • injectable mfg/filling area

  • aerospace

  • hospitals

  • research centers

  • laboratories

  • micro biology labs

  • food companies

  • agriculture

  • animal husbandry.
Bio technology, electronics industry, space research centers, pharmaceuticals, injectable mfg/filling area, aerospace, hospitals, research centers, laboratories, micro biology labs, food companies, agriculture, animal husbandry.

Features :

  • PLC to operate electronic interlocking system & air showering cycle

  • SS/PPGI construction

  • AHU attached with condensing units

  • HEPA filter in the suction chamber.

  • Double metal insulated clean room doors with view window each.

  • Switch inside for emergency exit.

  • Manual for easy assembly.

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