About Enviorns Filter


Environs Filter was founded by Mr. Divyang Parmar, a young and dynamic engineer in January 2004.

Initially Environs Filter started manufacturing HEPA Filters, Air Filters, Filter Bags and cages for Filter Bags. With continuous development in Clean Air solutions, Laminar Flow Units were developed in the year 2005.

By 2006, Environs Filter came up with options of Laminar Flow Units. In addition to the products manufactured till 2006, by 2007-08 Environs Filter added more products to its product line with Garment Storage cubicle with Laminar Flow Units, Static Pass Box, Dynamic Pass Box, Air Shower, and Air Handling Unit.

Environs Filter is a key manufacturer and distributor of top quality clean air equipments. Whether your organization is a food industry, chemical industry, cement industry, electronic industry, a hospital, pharmaceutical company, or laboratory: Environs Filter has the ability to provide all the products your organization needs. Environs Filter has extensive knowledge and experience in the filters and clean room components. We specialize in HEPA filters, Air Filters, Laminar Flow benches, Cloth and Fabric Filters, Strainers & Screens, Laboratory Filters, Fiberglass Filters, Filter Media, Filter Bags and Clean Room Filters, Clean Room Benches.

Being a tech-savvy company Environs Filter adopts innovative manufacturing techniques to remain way ahead of competition in this sector. Although being competitive in prices, Environs Filter ensure to bring to you world class state-of-art technology through our services to our customers delight. New products are continually being developed, and Environ Filter's R&D and Quality Assurance staff test our products to ensure they meet the exact standards and specific needs of our customers. A combination of clean air products with superior service and support makes Environ Filter – the total clean air solution, Air purifier, Air purification system, Manufacturer, Supplier, Distributor of Air Purifier, Purification System.

Email us your requirement at info@environsfilter.com or inquire us at +91 93761 60302, +91 98244 11029.