Air Handling Unit - AHU

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The wide range of air handling unit manufactured by environs filter provides quality chilled air with low noise & better thermal insulation.

Rigid frame work of aluminum anodized with puff insulated sandwich panels comes with no gaps & level difference. Easy to maintain & clean with smooth inner surface unit meets the high energy efficiency.

Our design dept. provides complete data of your needed AHU CFM to achieve class 100 to class 100000 for cGMP, FDA, EU or any international standard certifications.

Application :

  • Bio technology

  • Electronics industry

  • Space research centers

  • Pharmaceuticals industry

  • Injectable mfg/filling area

  • Aerospace, hospitals

  • Research centers

  • Laboratories, micro biology labs

  • Food companies, agriculture, animal husbandry.

Features :

  • Aluminum anodized rigid frame.

  • Puff insulated PPGI sandwich panels.

  • Standard sized filters with no air leakage.

  • Compact design.

  • CE certified blower/motor.

  • Low noise-vibration

  • Heavy channel base frame
  • Installation manual

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