Bio Safety Cabinet & Fume Hood

Clean Room Door

Environs filter make high quality bio safety cabinet provides the protection to operator,product & environment as well. Class 1/ class 2/ class 3 with all ABC TYPES complete range suits for general microbiological work.

Integrated collar for exhaust connects external exhaust system.

Virus burn out unit at the end point of external duct line provides heathy air to the environment.

Application :

  • Pharmaceutical industries

  • medical/hospital requirements

  • acoustic purpose air tight doors

  • cold room industries

  • fire proof doors

  • Bio technology

  • electronics industry

  • space research centers

  • pharmaceuticals

  • injectable mfg/filling area

  • aerospace

  • hospitals

  • research centers

  • laboratories

  • micro biology labs

  • food companies

  • agriculture

  • animal husbandry.

Features :

Bio safety cabinet can be selected as per your working application from clas1/2/3 with type A/B/C. With SS/powder coated mOC fume hood also comes with general purpose distillation fume hood, Perchloricacic FH, Radis isotop FH, Acic digestion FH & floor mounted etc.

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